Shara’s Naughty Bites – The Professor by Shara Azod

Lulu Publishing
Interracial, Contemporary Romance
ISBN: No ISBN number

Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Lisa Higgins knew that she had to maintain her professionalism as a first time college professor, but her task was a difficult one, and all because of one Anthony Delgato. How was she supposed to continue ignoring her growing desire to be with him, especially when his alluring sex appeal relentlessly called out to her? 

Three nights a week, Anthony ‘Tony’ Delgato torched himself by taking an unnecessary class at the local college in order to see and fantasize about his professor – Lisa Higgins; but it was worth while.  With the semester ending in just a few weeks, Tony knew it was time to make his move.  Tonight was the night – one way or another, The Professor would be his. 

I know that I am not supposed to point this out, especially when I knew before beginning the first page that this was purposely written as a brief novella; nevertheless, Shara’s Naughty Bites – The Professor was way too short!  Just as I was getting into the deliciousness of Tony and Lisa’s world the story ended leaving me wanting more.  I sincerely hope that Ms. Azod will expand this super-hot couple into a longer storyline. 

As you can imagine due to the storyline shortness, there was no room for a full character development; however, because of the classroom situation it was comforting to believe in the couple coming together in a very naughty sexual manner.  From the start, it was easy to see the heat sparking hotly between Tony and Lisa.  All I can say is ‘Oh My’!  If you are in the mood for a fulfilling quickie that will hit just the right spot, then pick up a copy of Shara’s Naughty Bites – The Professor.  You will not be disappointed!


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