Seeing You by Dakota Flint

Samhain Publishing

Erotic M/M Contemporary


Reviewed by Nannette



Dylan hasnít been home since his brother Simon died fourteen months ago. Time has faded some of Dylanís pain, but not his guilt.  He survived the accident that killed Simon and heís in love with Simonís boyfriend Wade. Since Simonís death, Wade has not been able to move on, so Dylan comes home to try and make Wade realize that life is still worth living. Dylan secretly wishes Wade would move on with him.

Seeing You is a heart warming story about finding love again. Dakota Flint pens a story rich in heart-felt emotion.  The pain and loss Dylan and Simon feel is tangible as is the happiness they eventually find. Theyíve both been through a lot and seeing them together feels right. I could understand Dylanís guilt, but you canít help who you love and both Dylan and Wade deserve a chance to be happy too.  Seeing You is sensual, angst-filled, and poignant.


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