Saved by Loveís Blood by Stephani Hecht

The Drone Vampire Chronicles, Book 5

eXtasy Books

M/M Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-55487-411-8

Reviewed by Shayna



Thereís no love lost between vampires and magics.  Despite this, an uneasy alliance has formed between Ethanís coven and Zekeís clan.  Having moved in with the Drone clan in order to make the alliance work and, though he wonít admit it, to get to know his half-brother Rafe better, Ethan is slowly adjusting to a different way of life than heís ever known.  And part of that adjustment requires dealing with attraction to Zeke, a vampire who hates magics.  In a surprising act of anger and lust, Zeke does something unforgivable which leaves Ethan open to attack and capture by their enemies.  Now Zeke will do anything to get Ethan back, even if he has to cross lines no one ever dreamed of to do it, and neither male will ever be the same. 

If I had to pick just one word to describe Saved by Loveís Blood it would be ďpredictable.Ē  Iím not saying Saved by Loveís Blood was a bad read; it was enjoyable.  What I am saying is that the spark that has given life to other books of Stephani Hechtís is sorely lacking in this tale.  Ethan is a male who holds himself apart from others due to the horrors of his past.  Zeke is a vampire with no love for magics, yet he canít resist his growing feelings for Ethan.  The other characters that so intrigued me in previous installments of the Drone Vampire Chronicles all seem to be becoming increasingly alike.  Old wounds are swiftly healed and the obstacles in Ethan and Zekeís road to happily ever after are easily overcome.  The book is surprisingly repetitive in parts and the information Ms. Hecht provides so that newcomers to the series can follow along is not always seamlessly woven into the tale.  Yet, while I finished Saved by Loveís Blood feeling a bit let down, as a rule, Ms. Hecht creates intriguing characters and gripping stories.  I hold out hope Ms. Hecht rekindles the magic in her next Drone Vampire Chronicles book.  Until then, Iíll bide my time by curling up with an earlier story from this enchanting series.


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