Reese's Bride by Kat Martin


Bride Book 2

Sensusal Historical

ISBN 978-0-7783-2744-8

Reviewed by Nannette



The last person Reese Dewar wants to see again is Elizabeth Aldridge, but when Elizabeth and her young son Jared bang on his door in the middle of the night, Reese cannot turn them away. Elizabeth's claims are outrageous, but itís obvious that she and her son are in trouble. Elizabeth knows that Reese would like to send her away, and she doesn't blame him for hating her. Eight years ago, they were young and in love, planning their life together, but then Reese went off to war and Elizabeth was left alone when she needed him most. Elizabeth had no choice but to marry Edmund Halloway, Earl of Aldridge. Reese still wants Elizabeth so when a situation presents itself to get her in his bed, he leaps at the chance, offering Elizabeth a salvation she dare not refuse, if only for the sake of her son. As the secrets of Elizabethís past emerge, Reese is forced to see Elizabeth in a different light. Her biggest secret is yet to reveal itself, though, and when it does, her safety be damned, Reese may never forgive her this time.  

Reese and Elizabethís sexual chemistry simmers from the first time they see each other again. Reese smolders when he looks at Elizabeth. The air around them is heavy with desire. Their connection goes deeper than sex, though. Reese and Elizabeth share the memories of both a passionate and memorable past as well as the pain of losing it. Reeseís anger and resentment toward Elizabeth is understandable. His heart was broken and his pride injured. Elizabeth had to make some very hard decisions when Reese left. She was young, in love, and then left alone. She had few choices. Itís as exciting to watch Reese and Elizabethís slow reconciliation as it is to see them finally together. A large cast of well developed secondary characters enhance Reeseís Bride, such as the charming son Jared and the malevolent villains. The sub plots are interesting in and of themselves. Reeseís Bride is sensual, romantic, and full of angst. Itís one of my favorite Kat Martin novels to date.  


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