Raging Passions by Amanda Sidhe

Dominant Blood Series

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419924347

Reviewed by Shayna



The night Regina is abandoned at the altar, she falls victim to the Kinsman vampire Ripper.  Six years later, Regina is a vampire called Rage, so named for her bitter fury aimed at all men, vampire and human alike.  When Ripper asks her to kill a vampire executioner, Rage wonders at the request, but is eager to take out her anger on another man.  What she doesnít expect is her target being Caden, the man who left her all those years ago. 

Having been manipulated by a vampire into abandoning the woman he loves, Caden has spent the past few years going after the hated undead.  When his quest brings him face-to-face with the woman heís always loved, heís shocked, to say the least.  Though neither Caden nor Rage are the people they used to be, some things, like love, never change.  But if Ripper has his way, Rage and Cadenís reunion is about to come to an unpleasant end. 

Vampires, love lost and found, and intriguing world-building all combine together to make Raging Passions a case of missed opportunity.  Amanda Sidhe has created a fascinating world in her Dominant Blood series and sets the groundwork for a wonderful romance between Caden and Rage, but Raging Passions never capitalizes on either factor.  Rage has promise, but after her wrath fades, her personality becomes both bland and weak.  Caden, sadly, never rises beyond the level of one-dimensionality.  Their romance, if it can be called that, never developed; it felt slapped down on the page for no explicable reason.  As for the other major players in this vampire-verse, Ripper and his other Offspring, Shade and Dean, almost gave me whiplash with their attitudes changing back and forth.  To add to my displeasure, there was a scene between Ripper and Rage (which I will not reveal for spoiler reasons) that left me feeling angry and the ending to Raging Passions was unsatisfying.  Still, for all that I did not adore in Raging Passions, I did find myself interested enough in the world Ms. Sidhe has created to want to give another Dominant Blood book a shot.  So while Raging Passions was not for me, I hope the next Dominant Blood book will leave me better satisfied.


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