Pure Folly by Madelynne Ellis

Total-e-Bound Publishing

M/M Paranormal/ Historical/Regency

ISBN: 978-1-906811-78-5

Reviewed by Ley



When confronted with a dare Alistair Romily de Vere knew his honor would be at stake if he refused.  Accepting the challenge to spend the evening in a haunted folly that held bad memories for him was hard enough, but spending that night with the man he was secretly in love with may make the night impossible to bear. Alistairís feelings toward Jude were not only out of place because of Judeís gender, or the fact that he was his best friend, but because Jude was engaged to Alistairís cousin. 

Faced with fighting his inner demons and the spirits of the folly, one night will change Alistairís life forever. 

Pure Folly is an enjoyable and very sweet story with two extremely likable heroes.  Alistair and Judeís opposite personalities complimented each other and Judeís love toward Alistair gave him to strength to face demons, literally and figuratively.  I really enjoyed this story, and the way it ended was perfect.  Readers who enjoy historical romances with a twist will find Pure Folly to their liking.


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