Personal Demons by James Buchanan

MLR Press

Erotic M/M Suspense

ISBN 978-1-60820-062-7

Reviewed by Nannette



FBI Special Agent Chase Nozick has been sent to LA to find the hit man who killed his partner. Chase will do anything to bring the man down, but the Voodoo he gets mixed up in is giving him second thoughts, especially when it reveals his own personal demons.  Chase is partnered with LAPD Det. Enrique Rios Ocha, the man he had a one night stand with his first night in LA. While the men hunt the killer and search for a missing girl, they’re spending their free time together. Neither of them are out and they live three thousand miles apart. They’ve got to stay alive and sane before they can figure out the rest.  

James Buchanan is one of my go-to authors for sexy, tough cops and intense stories. Nicky and Brandon from Cheating Chance hooked me on James’ work and now she’s got me again with Enrique and Chase in Personal Demons. The sex, the story, and the men are hard and edgy. Along with suspense, hot sex, and sexy men, Personal Demons has a very intriguing look at Voodoo and Santeria. It’s fascinating and gives Personal Demons a darker bite. Like Chase, I related to his skepticism and I had to give it credence in the end. There’s not a lot of angst between Enrique and Chase in the beginning when they find out they’ll be working together after that sizzling first night together. It’s really cool. Then James throws in some gut-wrenching trouble and the heart-breaking begins. And damn if the story doesn’t get better for it, as usual. Personal Demons is another good guys vs. bad guys story by an author who really knows what she’s writing about. 


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