Past Promises by N.J. Walters

Jamesville, Book 7
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance, Suspense
ISBN: 978-1-60504-495-8
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



All her life, Linda Fletcher had been scrutinized by her family, because she refused to follow along with her parents well-thought out plan of her working in the family business until she could marry the man that her father selected for her.  The only person who loved Linda unconditionally and had taught her how to follow her own dreams, was her beloved grandmother.  When her grandmother passed away, she left Linda everything; however, before Linda could collect her inheritance, her father tried to block her from getting her settlement.  The very same funds that she was counting on to pay off the bank note for her pride and joy – Past Promises Antiques.  The only bright spot in all this, was Linda’s relationship with her handyman, Levi Mann. 

Ex-military and a loner by choice, Levi Mann wasn’t looking to fall deeply for a woman. Yet, the more time he spent in Linda Fletcher’s company as they builther business from the ground up, the more Levi’s heart belonged to Linda.  Because of the baggage from his past, Levi knew a classy lady like Linda would never fall for a guy like him.  Nevertheless, that still didn’t keep him from wanting to cherish her mind, body and soul.  And, when Linda’s family tried to ruin her happiness by destroying the business that she had worked so to create, Levi was determined to protect Linda at all cost.  Linda’s father was about encounter Levi’s wrath head on, because no one harmed his woman. 

With each new release in her Jamesville series, author N.J. Walters’ stories just keep getting better and better and her latest installment Past Promises was no exception.  This was a heartfelt story that captured me immediately and held tightly until the very end.  Linda was a strong, confident businesswoman determined to lead her own life away from her father’s influence; while, Levi was a cool, calculated, strong-minded, alpha-type male that showcased great compassion and protectiveness towards Linda.  The passion bared between the couple was scorching hot, yet tenderly sweet all at the same time.  I sincerely enjoyed getting to know this Linda and Levi.  Fans of the Jamesville series will not want to miss out on this latest installment!


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