Paranormal Payload by Mandy M. Roth

Project Exorcism, book 1

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal, Sci-Fi

ISBN: 978-1-60504-615-0

Reviewed by Jo



Long ago, the Commission on Earth sent away anyone that had any form of paranormal abilities to planets far away—or so they thought.  And if only a few of them made it to their destination, that is not Earth’s problem now, is it?   

Captain Sevan Vasil of the Commission has been having strange dreams lately, extremely erotic ones.  In them, he has a lover, an exotic and perfect lover. Or would that be the perfect mate?  Sevan’s family has been hiding a secret from everyone on Earth and if it were ever found out, he would lose everything.  The last dream sealed the deal, as far as Sevan is concerned. The only problem is that he doesn’t believe his dream angel is even real.   

Lorelie Janelle has been having erotic dreams of an off world lover that she will probably never meet—even if he is real.  That has allowed her to be herself and not the responsible person she has to be in her position.  Lorelie is manning the communications desk when she gets an emergency call from a ship that is heavily damaged.  Lorelie has good reasons to deny any strangers, especially Commission strangers, permission to land on her planet.   

Sevan cannot believe his eyes and ears when his mysterious angel answers his distress call.  Even more amazing is that she isn’t going to let his vessel land, but after some discussion back and forth, they are allowed to land with very specific rules and instructions.  Once Sevan and Lorelie come face to face, the pull is almost stronger than it was in their shared dreams.  Sevan and his crew quickly learn of the danger that surrounds Lorelie and her people—all because of that misbegotten decision made by Earth long ago.  Someone or something wants to keep Sevan and Lorelie from coming together, by any means—even death.  Will the connection and love that Sevan and Lorelie discovered in their dreams be enough for them to fight and win against a powerful and wicked being? 

What happens when your dream lover is real and you meet?  Paranormal Payback shows just what happens when one group forces another to leave.  Lorelie’s planet has had to pay a very long time for a decision that was made by Earth.  Sevan is a Commission Captain but he knows that if his family secret ever comes out, he will lose more than that.  Lorelie and Sevan first meet in a dream plane and are highly surprised to discover that their dream lover is actually real.  I saw how, at first, Lorelie tried to fight for what she thought should be. It showed me just how strong her loyality was.  However, I really loved how Sevan was not going to let anything stand in the way of claiming his mate—not even her.  The tangled ties of danger and passion were well done and kept me interested.  The humor was a total plus.  The ending proved just how strong both Sevan and Lorelie were at defending their love.  Paranormal Payback is erotic and passionate while having threads of danger and humor that made it a keeper for me.  I will be watching for the next book in this series.


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