Overboard by Shara Azod

Lulu Publishing

Erotic Paranormal Romance

ISBN: No ISBN number

Reviewed by Nikita Steele



When her uncle left her his entire fortune after his death, Dallas Craig’s step-aunt and step-cousin became infuriated with envy, and against her better judgment, Dallas went on a luxury cruise with them.  Low and behold the evil-minded women tried to kill her by dumping her Overboard the ship!

Fate was with Thane when he found a beautiful woman clinging to a piece of debris slowly drifting out in the middle of nowhere with no other vessel around.  Upon saving her from dying out at sea, Thane quickly realized that this unconscious human woman was his mate.

Once Dallas awoke from her near drowning, she found herself alone with a very handsome stranger claiming that he was a selkie and her perfect mate.  What?!  Believing that he was out of his mind, Dallas was determined to escape this crazy, sexy man and get back home before her step-aunt and step-cousin could get their greedy hands on her riches.

I found Overboard to be a hilarious, passionate story.  From the start Thane and Dallas butted heads and squabbled over everything.  While Thane believed that his words were a commandment; Dallas refused to readily comply with them.  She quickly expressed her disagreements and firmly stood toe-to-toe with Thane.  The only way the couple could settle any of their disputes was in a sexual interlude.  As you can imagine the sex was lustfully hot and full of passion.  The plot flowed at an exciting, swift pace so be prepared to quickly dive in and not to come up for air until the conclusion makes it dramatic appearance.  Readers, you will not be disappointed with this one.  Enjoy!


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