One Good Man by Shara Azod
Cobblestone Press

Multicultural, Erotic Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60088-460-3
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Elizabeth Pearson was on a mission.  She was determined to uncover the criminal mastermind behind the drug smuggling ring who was providing narcotics to the front lines soldiers in Afghanistan.  Because of this evil person’s doings, her beloved sister was viciously attacked by a young, over-frazzled, drugged out private.  All of Elizabeth’s hard work was beginning to pay off after she managed to track the drug shipment to a Marines weapon depot run by Major Erik Young. 

Major Erik Young wasn’t sure what enraged him the most – that Lieutenant Commander Intelligence Officer, Elizabeth Person, was conducting a secret investigation without his supposed knowledge, or the fact that someone had the audacity to use his weapons depot for their drug trafficking.  And, it didn’t help matters that he was strongly, sexually attracted to Elizabeth’s alluring charisma.  Has this hardcore Marine finally been brought down to his knees by a single woman? 

One Good Man was an excellent read.  For such a short story, Ms. Azod did a fantastic job of building a strong connection between Erik and Elizabeth.  From start to finish, I was completely caught up in the mesh of this couple’s foreplay.  Erik was a bona fide alpha down to his core, and it took a very special, highly intelligent woman like Elizabeth to tame his forcefulness.  Elizabeth was an intriguing combination of determination and apprehensive.  She was totally in charge—unless Erik was near, then she became nervously anxious with strong sexual desires.  The passion depicted between the couple was intense and hot enough to melt butter.  Readers, you can’t go wrong with One Good Man.  Enjoy!


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