Once a Rake by Rona Sharon



ISBN: 978-0821780589

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Isabel Aubrey is a paragon of charity.  She is always looking for jobs for war widows, taking in orphaned families and other good acts that she enjoys, but her family wishes she would let up a little on.  Itís her love of her war widows that brings her to the door of the Gargoyle, Earl of Ashby.  Once a family friend, Ashby refuses to come out and see society, but Isabel forces her way in and shatters all his closely-held secrets.  

Ashby fears his scarred face and soul will scare off Isabel, but when she wonít let go that easily, he finds the tug of war between his desire to stay hidden and his love for Isabel might tear him about. 

I enjoyed the first half of Once a Rake, but the second half was too much back and forth for me to be truly interested.  I liked Ashby and Isabelís characters, and while it leads to the back and forth that I didnít care for, at least it was understandable.  This might have been better as a novella or a short story.  I think others will enjoy this book more than I did and I will try another book by Rona Sharon. 


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