Of Crimson and Collars by Stella and Audra Price

American Satyrs, book 1

Total-e-Bound Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-907280-09-2

Reviewed by Jo



Esben “Ben” Chambers knows he is part royal demon and something else, but since his parents disappeared when he was a baby, Ben has never known what his father was.  When an imp suddenly shows up in his home and issues an invitation to the Convergence Summit in New York, Ben discovers that he is a Satyr and a royal one at that.  Definitely intrigued, Ben decides to go and see what this is all about and just what being a Satyr means. 

Minerva is the princess daughter of a powerful Satyr and has been raised spoiled, cherished and privileged.  She was also trained to be submissive and to be totally devoted to her Satyr.  Now the time has come to be presented at the Convergence and she can't wait.  Minerva hopes that she will gain a powerful Satyr and maybe, just maybe be collared—a princess’s dream come true.  Minerva should never have worried; one floorshow was pretty much all it took to attract the most powerful man there. 

Ben knew when the princesses were brought out that he was going to have the only one who attracted him.  Little did he realize just who she was.  Minerva and Ben came together as Satyr’s do during a Convergence and it was just the start of their erotic and learning week.  Ben has much to learn about his new world and background and Minerva has no problems telling him whatever he needs to know while granting his every wish. Both become very possessive of the other, but when their week is over, will Ben be taking Minerva with him and will Minerva receive her coveted jeweled collar? 

No one can throw a hot party like Satyr’s can.  Of Crimson and Collars explores the lifestyles of American Satyrs and shows Ben part of his history.  Ben knows his father was something other than demon—his mother’s family made sure to tell him over and over—but now he is going to learn all about that part of himself.  Minerva has trained and been taught her entire life to lead up to this week and now she will have a Satyr of her very own to service.  Saying that Ben and Minerva’s meeting and time together was erotic would be an understatement.  But they were also loving and playful while learning if they were compatible.  I loved watching as they both grew and decided just where they would fit within this world.  Both Ben and Minerva had decisions to make in the end and I loved how Minerva made her choices.  Of Crimson and Collars is an extremely erotic and playful story that was a delight to read.  I predict that I will be re-reading this one soon and believe you will be too.  I will be waiting, impatiently, for my next visit with the American Satyrs.


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