No Reservations by Megan Hart and Lauren Dane

Black Lace

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN 978-0-352-34519-6

Reviewed by Nannette



Kate loves Dix but she hates his ex-wife Eve. Eve does anything and everything to make Kate’s life miserable. 

Kate’s best friend Leah is in love with Brandon, but she’s afraid of committing to him for a lot of reasons. 

Eve’s latest scheme and Leah finding a small velvet box tucked in Brandon’s things, sends Kate and Leah fleeing to the ultimate get away destination - Las Vegas. Brandon and Dix are too stubborn and too in love to not follow their women.  Some of what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but the good that comes out of a few days indulging in everything from buffets to public sex, comes back with them, including a new sense of what the couples want and don’t want. Now, if they can just get the real world to cooperate, they’ll have it made in the shade.  

No Reservations is full of  sex, romance, a little angst, several ‘I love you’s’, a lot of talking dirty, some public sex, and  two really good stories too.  Anyone who could put up with a woman like Eve and not completely lose their mind or haul off and kill her is a saint in my book. Kate is the perfect girlfriend. (as far as any red-blooded male would say.)  She sends Dix to strip clubs, she loves sex, she’s kinky, smart, beautiful, and fun.  I learned a little from her.  I admire Leah and Kate’s confidence in themselves and their men. Kate is adventurous and a bit wild, while Leah is intelligent and in control. And they both know how to have fun. Dix is a little gruff and Brandon is a little more reserved, but they are both really hot in their own way. While I usually like dominance in men rather than women, there is something sweet, sexy, and very sincere about Brandon’s desire to follow Leah’s orders.  He wants what she wants. It makes them happy and it turns them on. Their relationship is very genuine. On the flip side, Dix’s light dominance in bed is hot as hell. There is a lot more fun than heartache in No Reservations. 


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