Night Raven by Lyssa Hart

New Concepts Publishing

Sci-Fi Futuristic, Mťnage

ISBN: 978-1-60394-352-9

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Nikaís job was to steal information and get out in one piece without detection.  When that proved impossible, sabotage and a hasty escape was the best option.  It also freed illegal human experiments that would send lots of corporate heads rolling.   

Raven and his team were able to track Nika down due to the pheromones sheíd been doused with.  The sexual effect on him and his men was instantaneous, putting him on his guard with the feisty female.  He didnít trust her, particularly with his hormones in overdrive.  The only choice was to take her with them.   

Captive or not, Nika considered Raven and his posse her safest option.  What happens when her feelings start to become something more than curiosity? 

Lyssa Hart is exceptional when it comes to writing futuristic genre stories.  Night Raven is a strong read, and I donít have enough praise for the storyís technological and social-political areas. Yet, the character development for Nika, Raven, and company seemed stunted.  Aside from Nikaís random thoughts and feelings, the plot relies mostly on external conflict.  Characterization depended on the menís physical traits to distinguish them from one another with a sprinkling of internal conflict, limited obstacles, and random sex with Nika.  Admittedly in some cases, I didnít always like the guys, which means I didnít see why Nika should.  I simply couldnít reconcile myself to her attraction.  She comes across as smart, self-reliant, strong, and capable.  Subtract the hot sex, outsider issues, and a common enemy, and there doesnít seem to be a heck of a lot to the equation.    

Overall, I was impressed by the setting and myriad of important details cemented to the plot such as the post apocalyptic conspiracy theory and the two-headed government-corporate beast thatís taken over.  It still wasnít enough for me to feel a connection to the all main players though.  On a positive note, storyline concerns are met with believable resolutions.  I struggled with the fact I wanted to feel more than resentment and displeasure for some of the actions and choices made.  Still, despite all my expectations and complaints, Iím the first to admit this is a good story.  The narrative is solid and well constructed with a positive HEA.


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