Monsterís Past by Laney Cairo

The Liminus Australis Series, Book 2

Torquere Press

Fantasy M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-781-7

Reviewed by Lisa



Taking a well deserved breather after their harrowing experiences with the demented Colonel Parkes, Dan, Sid, Kit, and Marlowe the fox are laying low courtesy of the Australian Defense Forces. 

The trio has opened the eyes of Australiaís legitimate military towards the use of magical warfare.  The learning curve is just beginning when the quartet are ordered to an undermanned base where weird things are happening, like extinct mammals wandering around.  A nearby American manned base is soon suspected of conducting magical experiments and the only people qualified to get answers are Sid, Dan, Kit, and Marlowe.  Someone has to stop the weird goings on and guess who gets the job! 

Fans of this quirky series will be thrilled to rejoin Sid and Danís ongoing adventures in Monsterís Past.  Although enough back story is told to make Monsterís Past understood, readers are better served knowing the relationship between the characters by reading the first story as well.  There are a few small holes in the plot, but itís the witty dialogue, funny sexual scenes, and laugh out loud moments that make Monsterís Past a real charmer and well worth reading.


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