Mastered by Ann Jacobs

Lawyers in Love, Book 5

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic BDSM/Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419925979

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Sandra Giancone is a ball buster in the courtroom.  More than one criminal has had a run in with her.  She is in control at all times and never allows anyone to see her sweat.  That is, everyone except her best friend Rocky Delgado.  Rocky sees beneath Sandra’s controlled exterior to the submissive woman dying for the right man to take control.  Rocky is that man – he has loved her for years and now that he has her he is never letting her go.

Ann Jacobs and BDSM themed novels go hand in hand.  She makes this genre and lifestyle realistic and believable.  She doesn’t scrimp on the sexuality or the sensuality of her characters.  Mastered is such a novel.  Rocky and Sandra are best of friends and while most friends would not take their relationship a step further, Rocky and Sandra had the guts to do so and the results were amazing.  Hard core at times, heady most of the time, and excellent all of the time – Mastered was just the read for me!


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