Love, Like Ghosts by Ally Blue

BCPI series related

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal, M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60504-676-1

Reviewed by Raine



Off at college and helping with a haunted event for Halloween, Adrian interacts with Lyndon, a ghost. Lyndonís past is legend at the college and Adrian decides try to unravel the mystery surrounding Lyndonís death and put his ghost to rest. While helping with the haunted event, Adrian meets Greg, someone he would definitely like to know better. Greg is appealing, outgoing and confident, something Adrian struggles with while trying to hide and control his abilities. 

Love, Like Ghosts is a fairly fast paced story once the plot is laid. I loved Lyndonís mystery, how it was unraveled and ultimately solved. The trials and tribulations between Adrian and Greg lent an edge to an already active storyline.

The characters were a delight to read about and I would love to see them in future BCPI stories. 


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