Keep It in the Closet by Remmy Duchene

Red Eclipse Writers

Contemporary M/M

Reviewed by Lisa



In high school Jason Higgins was the rich kid nerd and Mark Spalding was the middle class hot jock.  These days Jason is a rising graphics designer and Mark a highly successful novelist.  Both had desired the other, yet never acted on their feelings until they meet again as adults.  This time however, there is more at stake than high school rumors; this time could mean everything the future holds. 

Keep It in the Closet attempts to show that the second time around is the sweetest when supposed enemies meet once again.  There are, unfortunately, too many contradictions to make Keep It in the Closet ring true, particularly in the second half with forgiveness being offered too neatly on several fronts.  Also, spelling mistakes are common throughout the entire story.  Keep It in the Closet has an interesting premise but fails to live up to its potential.


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