It’s a Vampire Thing by Dakota Cassidy

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-60521-243-2

Reviewed by Shayna



“It’s a Vampire Thing”

For Claire Treemont, life as a small-town coroner doesn’t have many perks, but a sexy man on her table is one of them.  Too bad he’s dead… 

Or maybe not. 

Narcoleptic vampire Zachariah Kowalski has once again dropped off at an inconvenient time.  As luck would have it, the beautiful woman who almost brings a scalpel to him is his Life Mate, Claire.  Zach has loved and lost Claire for centuries; she’s always murdered right before he can turn her and formally make her his own.  This time, Zach’s determined not to lose her.  But to do that, he has to figure out who the killer is. 

Fate gives two lovers destined to be together another chance in the red-hot “It’s a Vampire Thing.”  Claire and Zach are two likeable characters who are racing against the clock to keep history from repeating itself.  Adoring both Claire and Zach as I did, it was easy to become entranced by the story as I watched them put the pieces of the puzzle together.  Though Zach and Claire are everything you could want in a hero and heroine, I admit I found myself slightly more intrigued by the tale’s villain.  Lucky for me, I finished this satisfying tale able to jump right into its sequel. 


“Doing Desi”

After Desdemona Smitrovitch nearly kills the Life Mate of the man she wants for the umpteenth time, she’s banished from her clan until she redeems herself.  But Desi has no desire to be a good girl…err…vampire.  She’s a b*tch and she loves it and no one can tell her otherwise.  Especially not do-gooder Jarrod Stanislavski, a vampire who seems hell-bent on sexually frustrating Desi into good behavior.  Stranded in Jarrod’s cabin with no place to go and no one to talk to except her tempting warden, Desi uncovers a secret about herself that could change everything. 

Desi may have been a very bad vampire, but “Doing Desi” is one very good story.  After reading “It’s a Vampire Thing,” I couldn’t wait to see how Dakota Cassidy would turn her nasty villain into a heroine.  Desi is more complex than even she realizes, and I won’t spoil the story by revealing why.  Suffice it to say “Doing Desi” takes a few twists and turns as Desi and Jarrod argue their way to happily ever after.  Whether its protagonists are bickering, biting, or [rhymes with hanging], “Doing Desi” is an exhilarating tale.


It’s a Vampire Thing is a collection of two closely-tied novellas and together they pack one heck of a punch.  It’s a Vampire Thing features Ms. Cassidy’s trademark brand of humor mixed with wicked sensuality, and the world she created was a delight to escape to for a few hours.


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