Improper Relations by Janet Mullany

Little Black Dress


ISBN: 9780755347803

Reviewed by Tanya



Improper Relations has it all from compromising liaisons, secrets, unfaithful friends, misunderstandings and even a duel.  What more could a fan ask for in a historical romance? 

After Charlotte’s best friend and distant cousin is married to the Earl of Beresford she no longer finds she feels to be compelled to be nice to all the gentlemen.  She knew that most of them were only trying to be introduced to Ann anyways but her sharp tongue seems to only intrigue the wicked Viscount Shadderly, the Earl’s cousin. 

When a series of events leads to the Viscount and Charlotte being found in a compromising situation he does what is honorable for the times and proposes marriage.  What neither he nor Charlotte count on is how their feelings grow towards each other, or how promised secrets to friends could tear them apart. 

When Ann returns from her honeymoon it only makes things worse as she drops a bombshell on Charlotte that she has a daughter, and it isn’t the Earl’s.  Now Charlotte is in a serious jam. Does she keep the confidence and potentially alienate her husband or does she reveal all and lose the only friends she has ever had.  Charlotte is determined to lose neither and the resulting scenarios are some of the best in the story. 

I found Improper Relations to be a fun, intrigue-filled historical romance.  I loved how Ms. Mullany was able to take a couple of headstrong characters and not only show how they could misunderstand each other but how secrets can seriously hurt a relationship.  I was pulled in from the start of the story through the very end.  I thoroughly enjoyed Improper Relations and think any fan of historical English romances will have fun adding this one to their collection.


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