If Wishing Made It So by Lucy Finn

Signet Eclipse


ISBN: 9780451224590

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Hildy Caldwell wants to make changes before she heads to her tenth high school reunion.  She’s a teacher in the same town she grew up in, and as for her romantic life, well, she’s still not over her first love, Michael Amante. 

While visiting with her sister in a casino in Atlantic City, Hildy finds a beautiful bottle tucked away near the slots.  Suddenly, her luck is changing – she wins at slots and she runs into none other than Michael Amante. 

When she gets home, she discovers the bottle holds a genie.  Shocked, she doesn’t know what to do with him.  But even more surprising is the fact that a mobster also wants the genie – and he will go through Hildy if he has to. 

If Wishing Made It So is not your typical genie story.  For one thing, the genie likes to be called Tony G.  But this is a fun, quick read, perfect for when you want something light and entertaining.  Hildy and Mike’s relationship is fully realistic, even in fantastical circumstances.  The genie is a little opinionated, but that’s a good foil against Hildy’s good natured-ness.  Overall, If Wishing Made It So reads like a literary dessert – light, fluffy and satisfying.


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