I Canít Drive 55 by Jade Falconer


Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60659-196-3

Reviewed by Lisa



The road is slick and straight, heís even waited until after midnight.  The conditions perfect for Kyle Edwards to let his Camaro loose on the blacktop to see what she can do.  Itís perfect until Kyle is caught.  He canít afford another ticket and toys with the idea of flirting with the cop.  It could work out or backfire badly depending on how the cop responds or doesnítÖ 

I Canít Drive 55 features a horny young man and a smoking hot cop in this fun story of fantasy fulfillment.  Fast paced and smoothly written, I Canít Drive 55 uses an imaginative theme and speeds towards a scorching finish line.  Pure entertainment value can be found in I Canít Drive 55.


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