Hot Holiday Ménages by Shara Azod

Lulu Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-0557061860

Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Hot Holiday Ménages by Shara Azod contains not one, but two super, hot romances just in time for Christmas!


“Charity’s Christmas Surprise” by Shara Azod

Best friends, Cassian Trevelyan and Ashton Beverley were on the hunt to find their perfect mate – a very special woman who could equally share her love with them both.  As luck would have it they found her in Charity Coleman; but, there was one problem – she assumed them to be gay.

Although, Charity Coleman thought that Cassian and Ashton were very handsome men, she just knew that they were gay.  So, why was she sexually attracted to two gay men?  Little did Charity know that both men wanted HER as their woman.  Once she learns the truth – how will Charity respond to her Christmas surprise from Cassian and Ashton?

“Charity’s Christmas Surprise” was a caring and tenderly sweet novella, that I took great pleasure in reading.  This was a delightful, enchanting story with two deliciously hot men that knew how to keep Charity well satisfied.  Where Cassian was the most dominate of the two, Ashton added the right amount of skill and playfulness that kept Charity and me all tied in knots.  Charity’s Christmas was definitely a wickedly, naughty surprise.


“Presents for Sue Ellen” by Shara Azod

Sue Ellen Coleman was about to make a drastic change in her life – she was quitting her overworked, minimum pay job and moving back to her hometown to start a new life.  More so, she wanted to get away from her two new bosses, the Hamilton Brothers, before she made a fool of herself by mistakenly revealing her attraction to them.

Blaine and Royce Hamilton couldn’t believe what they had just overheard – Sue Ellen was leaving them!  The men realized that it was now or never for them to make their sexual desires know to Sue Ellen, because neither man refused to allow her to walk out of their lives.

“Presents for Sue Ellen” was an excellent read.  It had the right amount of passion and drama to keep me hooked until the very end.  Sue Ellen was a very confident woman with everything, except when it came to dealing with herself.  However, the Hamilton men refused to allow her to continuously belittle herself.  Both Blaine and Royce were very dominant men who were heavily into sexual spanking as a form of punishment and you can bet your bottom dollar that Sue Ellen’s back side was very well informed of this matter.


Overall, Hot Holiday Ménages is an exciting book with two stimulating stories that are sure to add a little spice to your holiday spirit.  So go pick up your copy today.  You will not be disappointed!


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