His Heart by Jordyn Tracey

Salt and Pepper

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ISBN-13: 9780373773756

Reviewed by Tanya



Jordyn Tracey’s His Heart is a journey through the lives and trials of star crossed lovers.  They were together as high school sweethearts but when Tea is proposed to she is not willing to give up her dreams of a better life through nursing.  Bryant doesn’t think she is serious enough about it to turn him down.  He has always felt she is his heart and he can’t... won’t live without her.  But when she does turn him down he makes a decision to join the Army and finds himself not only a career soldier but faced with an overseas war in Iraq. 

When Bryant returns to the states he picks up with a woman who has been corresponding with him through a soldier web site.  What he doesn’t know is that she has schemed throughout the entire relationship, and may in fact be leading more than one soldier on at a time. 

Tea’s life doesn’t turn out the way she had expected either.  When a near fatal accident changes her life forever she will do everything she can to hide her scars from the man whose heart she broke, especially when her own family members can’t look at her.  

Will fate finally push them together so they both see the best in each other?  And that they really should be together? 

His Heart is an emotionally charged journey covering Tea and Bryant from youth through adulthood.  While neither has forgotten the other each remains stubborn for their own reasons.  Ms. Tracey does a wonderful job in portraying real life challenges that might tear people apart (and a few that stretch the boundaries).  I was intrigued by the depth and feeling of His Heart and will definitely look for other titles by this author.


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