Highlander Obsession by Dawn Halliday

NAL Signet Eclipse

Scottish Historical

ISBN: (13) 978-0451227010; (10) 0451227018

Reviewed by Sabella



Sorcha hasn’t exactly led an exemplary life as a young Scottish girl.  First, she engaged in a prolonged affair with Cam, the Earl of Camdonn, but then she proceeded to lie to her husband, Alan, on her wedding night by pretending to be a virgin.  Her lies are exposed when Cam kidnaps her on her wedding night, Sorcha is left with a shambles of a life, trying to reclaim her husband’s love and respect, while fending off the unwanted advances of Cam. 

When Alan MacDonald returned home to the Scottish highlands he instantly felt his life fall into place – especially when he laid eyes on Sorcha Stewart.  Marrying her after a short courtship, Alan is flabbergasted to find out that his wonderful wife had not come to him pure, but rather after having left the hands of his long-time friend and rival in exploits, the Earl of Camdonn.  This leaves Alan in the unenviable position of having to reconcile his feelings of betrayal, hate for his friend, and passionate love for his wife. 

Cam has been a dissolute nobleman his entire life and taking to mistress Sorcha, his factor’s daughter, seemed to fit with his role.  However, upon Sorcha’s marriage to Alan leaves Cam full of irrational jealousy and desperation that drives him to kidnap Sorcha. This action leaves him more unsatisfied than ever when Sorcha rejects his advances in favor of remaining loyal to her husband. 

How will these three strong willed people resolve their differences without destroying one another in the end?

Highlander Obsession takes a modern romance into the historical times of the Scottish rebellion with nuances and actions that seem irreconcilable.  Sorcha is a strong willed woman out of her time with her thirst for knowledge and sexual daring.  Alan seems, on the surface, to be a traditional man of his time with the conflicts and traditional views of womankind and their place in the world.  Cam fits the mold of an out of control rogue that will stop at nothing to gain what he desires – even at the expense of his long-standing relationship with Alan.  The interactions between the three of them feel genuine until the end when there is a ménage scene that, while reconciling the characters, seems so out of place as to jar the reader out of the story and historical time frame.  All in all, Highlander Obsession is a romantic tale that would have benefitted from a more modern time frame or a more traditional interaction between the characters to deliver what would have been a truly romantic historical read. Get yourself Highlander Obsession when you are looking for a romance that delivers plenty of angst, passion, and emotional upheaval.


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