Healer by Viola Grace

Terran Times



ISBN: 978-1-55487-318-0

Reviewed by Tanya



Evah is the healer in the Wyoran village of Senatha.  She has been there for months and though she was falsely lured there she will not shirk her duty or not use her gift of healing just because she was promised one thing and another was delivered.  When a warrior is brought to her, her skills are pushed to the limit, as is her strength.  This is what she attributes her attraction to the warrior to.  But Rapal is equally attracted to the secretive healer and it will be interesting to see if he will pursue those attractions when he recovers. 

Healer is an interesting addition to the Terran Times Series.  In this story you have a woman who heals by taking on others pain, which is a story that has been told by others, but is still intriguing.  I enjoy how Rapal meets Evah and won’t let her hide as she has become accustomed to.  While Healer is a fast paced story there is still enough time to develop and enjoy the characters.  I think all Sci-Fi romance readers will enjoy not only Healer but the other stories in the Terran Times Series.


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