Have Mercy by N.J. Walters

Project Alpha, book 3

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419923333

Reviewed by Jo



Logan is an Alpha, a genetically enhanced assassin created to be a weapon by one small ruling fraction on Earth.  However, once Logan learned the truth about the world around him and discovered how to control himself, he escaped along with the last surviving Alpha.  Now Logan is on the outside working towards the day they can strike back at the Council and hopefully destroy them.  Logan knows that it might be a suicide mission, but he really has nothing to lose if he dies.  Logan is a bit ticked off to discover that one of his hiding spots has been located. To make his day worse, he is shot while trying to escape. 

Mercy Dockins is one of the few healers in the outer city.  She and a few others have found a small, protected area to live in with some safety.  That is until she is brought a severally injured man to heal by two of the children she has taken in.  Even unconscious, he pulls at something in Mercy.  She is determined to heal him, even to the point of keeping his existence a secret while he is injured.   

Logan wakes up to discover the woman who has treated him is everything he wants in a woman.  She is caring, gentle and more importantly, has curves in all the right places.  Logan knows he will have to leave to keep Mercy and the children safe, but before he does, Logan needs just a bit of time with Mercy.  Their stolen time endangers the entire village when somehow the Council soldiers track him down.  The battle looks to be going badly when unexpected reinforcements show up to help win the day and with it, a surprise for Logan.  Given one more chance, can Logan and Mercy find a way to stay together or is this last time just extending the time before heartache begins again?   

A healer and a warrior find a romance in a stolen moment.  Have Mercy brings Alpha 2 a chance at love and happiness.  Logan has only known training, war and killing until he escapes his handlers.  Mercy leads a quiet life healing the injured and protecting the children she has taken in.  Both only know a lonely life until happenstance brought a wounded warrior to his healer.  Logan and Mercy believed their time together was just stolen happiness in a life that didnít allow for much.  I didnít see how they could have a life together the entire time I was pulling for them to find a way. The solution was perfect for both of them even while the danger was ramping up.  Have Mercy has a sweet and loving passion side by side with life threatening danger to keep your attention.   

War is coming and I really canít wait to see what Ms. Walters does with the next Alpha book.  I bet you will be waiting with me.


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