Forever, I Do by Koko Brown & Taige Crenshaw
Loose Id
Multicultural Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59632-870-9
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



The last thing Bakery Chef, Rosalind Fletcher, needed was for someone who was not supposed to taste her special wedding cake to take a bite, especially the town’s most popular wedding planner, Ashley Benedict.  But, that’s exactly what happened!   

While at one of Rosalind’s cake-tasting events, Ashley’s clients cancelled at the last minute.  Instead of Ashley leaving immediately he volunteered to help Rosalind clean up.  When she stepped out of the room for a moment to assist someone, Ashley took a bite of the cake – the very cake that was made with Rosalind’s family secret Loving Spell recipe.  Couples who sampled the Loving Spell cake were guaranteed to forever have a happy and faithful marriage. Caught up in a tailspin, Rosalind must quickly find the antidote for Ashley, before SHE fell under his charming spell. 

Ashley had been secretly lusting after Rosalind for awhile now; but, he never made it publicly know because Rosalind had always kept things strictly professional between them.  However, after sampling her latest sweet creation at the cancelled wedding cake-tasting, Ashley decided that he was tired of hiding his desire for her.  From that moment forth, Ashley was determined to have Rosalind in his bed and he wouldn’t taking no for an answer. 

A great quick read.  Forever, I Do was downright hilarious and wickedly lustful all at the same time.  Although the attraction was strong between them, Rosalind just couldn’t believe that Ashley wanted her without the assistance of the Loving Spell, so she was determined to correct her wrong.  Her efforts were a hoot, and had Ashley wondering if she might be trying to poison him!  Nevertheless, that didn’t stop Ashley from scheming to get Rosalind into his bed.  The passion showcased between the couple was blazing hot, and when these two came together in a sexual manner, fireworks exploded.  Race was not a factor for this couple and I admired how the authors handled the interracial dating issues brought before Rosalind and Ashley.  I must say that Koko Brown and Taige Crenshaw have a winner on their hands with Forever, I Do!


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