Force of Attraction by Mandy M. Roth

Project Exorcism, book 2

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal, Sci-Fi

ISBN: 978-1-60504-699-0

Reviewed by Jo




Dr. Marisa Langston is on a Commission ship headed to a new life with her fiancé. Since she is also a healer, Marisa is working on this trip.  All would be great if there wasn’t one fly in her world. That fly would be the irritating and too attractive friend of her fiancé.  One that she keeps thinking things about that an almost-married woman should not be thinking. 

Lieutenant Commander Bradi Janelle wants Marisa more than anything, but he will not poach on a friend.  That does not mean he won’t tease her every chance he gets.  Bradi has to mess with Marisa’s mind a bit because she is a healer trying to do her job and Bradi has a reason not to let her.  This is going to be a long trip for Bradi especially when at the end of it, he will have to say goodbye to Marisa for good. 

Deep in space, their ship has an emergency that makes it necessary to abandon it.  Many members of the crew are injured and killed before they can make it to the escape pods.  Circumstances make it so that Bradi and Marisa are on the same pod alone.  Injuries and misunderstanding have the passion both have been avoiding and ignoring, exploding.  When the pod malfunctions, it takes them not to the world it is programmed to, but to a world that Bradi knows all too well.  Marisa and Bradi have survived and landed, however, when they are found it causes even more problems than solutions at first.  Bradi knows something about their time on the pod that when Marisa finds out, it takes their relationship into another direction.  The danger that surrounds everyone on Bradi’s world is determined to include Marisa to a point that might lead to her death.  Can Bradi reach her in time to save her from an experience that could lead to her death? 

Forbidden passion, escape pods and an unplanned landing on the wrong planet lead to love everlasting.  Force of Attraction is another look into the Janelle family and their powerful enemy.  Marisa has vowed to marry one person but can’t stop thinking about his friend.  Bradi had to leave his life once and it appears he may have to turn his back on his own mate for friendship.  Bradi and Marisa know there is something between them but are fighting it with everything they have.  I could instantly see the strong attraction that Bradi and Marisa were fighting and was not surprised when it happened anyway.  I wondered in several places if they could have a future.  But I should have known that when you have two extremely strong and determined people that decide on a path, nothing—not even life threatening danger—will come between them.  I loved watching Bradi and Marsia come together, and then fight together for the life they wanted.  Force of Attraction is fast paced, erotic, and has just enough danger to keep it spiced nicely.  I loved this second look at the characters in the Project Exorcism world and will be waiting for the next book in it.  I believe you will be too.


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