Flicker by Viola Grace

Terran Times Series

eXtasy Books

Futuristic Sci-Fi

ISBN: 978-1-55487-180-3

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Sevalís disappearing act makes it possible for her to start a new life and career.  Her job as an Alliance bodyguard is fulfilling, sometimes dangerous, and because of her special gift, always lonely.  So when her new partner Ben proves to be more than a mild distraction, Seval is forced to decide if sheíd rather get to know the sexy Azon better or spend the rest of her days regretting what might have been. 

Flicker is just as well written as the first Viola Grace story I read, yet quite possibly one of the cutest.  Every other passage on each page made me smile.  Seval is adorable, yet perfectly capable of performing her duties and protecting herself if needed.  This contrast makes her very likeable and interesting.  At first, I couldnít understand her attraction to Ben aside from his good looks and sex appeal, until bit by bit, the story unfolds to shine the spotlight on him.  What can I say?  He shines!  Seval and Ben are passion and sweetness from the moment they discover their mutual desire.  As the sexual tension simmers between them, Ms. Grace wastes no time in using the plot to bring their hot romance to a boil.  Throw in an obstacle or two, with a fun tangle in the storyline and I couldnít stop reading this delightful tale!

The ability to keep the readerís attention on the plot while building up anticipation is a skill. Iíve come to recognize and associate this with Ms. Graceís writing, where the narrative captures your attention while feeding the anticipation.  Another strong and lasting impression is the never-ending parade of strange new worlds and alien customs that sometimes carry recognizable elements from various ancient earth ceremonies and traditions, such as India or Japan.  I canít wait to see where her imagination will take you after being introduced to so many unique non-human races.  This series will carry you far away and beyond, and I can guarantee that once you start reading Ms. Graceís stories you will be hooked!


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