Feather Possessed by Lorie O’Clare

Raptors Revealed, book 2

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419924101

Reviewed by Jo



Heath Halk walks and flies with his head held high and keeps all of the nests in Banff running smoothly.  His sister and her mate just left and Heath knows it is going to leave a hole in him.  But life has to go on and leaving one nest to begin another is a natural way of life.  Heath is about to ready his sister’s old place for a new tenant when one of her best friends appears.  Heath seems to actually see her for the first time. 

Shelly Preston is aware of just what people think of her nest and has spent her life making sure to always fly with honor.  She might be looked down on for where she came from, but Shelly refuses to give any owl a reason to look down on her by her actions.  Which is one reason why she is very, very suspicious when her dream owl and best friend’s brother suddenly seems to take an interest in her. 

Heath has come to realize that there is much more to Shelly than anyone has mentioned or even seemed to have seen.  However Heath is no dumb owl and he knows just what he wants and that is Shelly.  Now to get her to agree to fly with him is going to take lots of effort and patience.  Heath and Shelly are just beginning to discover their way when the town is rocked with more of the unrest that troubled them a year ago.  Heath wastes no time in trying to locate the cause and put it right and he brings Shelly in to help.  Winter is setting in along with mischief that is at the root of the town’s troubles, or is it actually harmless mischief?  While trying to discover the answers, Heath and Shelly will also need to figure out if their love is the mating of their dreams or just pipe dream to be destroyed by the town. 

Sometimes what you need is just under your nose waiting to be seen.  Feather Possessed takes us back into the nests of Banff.  Shelly has fought her entire life to be seen for herself and not for the nest she lives in.  Heath has spent this adult life doing his best for every nest in his town.  Heath might know that Shelly is his mate but he is going to have to convince not only her but also the entire town that they are meant to fly together.  I loved seeing not only how Shelly pulled herself above what the town thought but also how quickly Heath saw through the rumor to the truth.  I knew that Heath would figure out the answers to not only the mischief but also to Shelly’s heart.  Seeing Shelly discover the truth behind what had caused her shame brought the best ending possible to their story.  Feather Possessed turned attraction to passion and then to love in a heartwarming and erotic twist.  I will be watching to see the next visit to the parliament in Banff.


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