Feather Down by Lorie O’Clare

Raptors Revealed, book 1

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419923159

Reviewed by Jo



Lana Halk knows that she never has to worry about her honor being questioned because of the nest she is from.  Which is why when a new and sexy owl came into town on a bike, she felt safe giving a sexual invitation.  Lana never expected the stranger to track her down or call her on it.  Especially since he came into town with a leopard on his bike.  In her town, the owls and the leopards don’t socially interact to that degree.   

Dover Down was asked to come into Banff because of the overwhelming unrest between the owls and the leopards and residents.  The unrest was getting worse and worse, the reason unknown to the leopard hunter who called Dover in.  Known to be an honorable male, Dover could be depended on to come in, observe the problem and fix it so that peace would be the result.  When Dover was asked to bring a leopard friend to stay with the hunter and his mate, he never thought twice about agreeing. 

Dover learns first hand and very quickly about the unrest in Banff.  When leaving to deliver his friend to her new home, Dover hears a very sexual invitation and quickly looks to see who issued it.  Lana did issue the sound that would show her just what an honorable male could do with his tail feathers.  Dover and Lana are discovering what their future could be while the unrest in town is building to a fever pitch.  The facts are beginning to point towards a certain nest in town and when Dover discovers the truth, will a nest lose all of its honor?  And what will it mean to Lana and Dover’s fledging passion? 

A town’s unrest brings a new owl to nest and passion goes soaring.  Feather Down gives Dover his mate at last.  Lana is from one of the influential nests in town.  Dover has come riding in to discover what is wrong in Banff.  The passion between Lana and Dover becomes apparent almost before they actually meet.  Watching them learn to fly together and discover just what a mating could be was the perfect counter balance to the mystery of why the town was about to explode.  I never had any doubts that Dover would be able to find the correct resolution to the unrest. I knew that Dover would need to have an equally strong mate to match him and Lana was just that owl.  I was so happy to read about Dover getting his mate finally as I’m sure that anyone who met him in Ms. O’Clare’s other series would agree.  Feather Down is both sensual and erotic with just a touch of mystery and a new instant favorite.  One that will be re-read many times over I’m sure.  I will be watching for the next book in this series.


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