Family Unit by Z.A. Maxfield

Loose Id

Erotic M/M Contemporary

ISBN 978-1-60737-495-4

Reviewed by Nannette



When Logan Wilde finally gets up the courage to approach Richard Hunter, he gets more than he bargained for. Richard takes care of his nine-year-old grandson, Nick. Heís very protective of Nick and wonít let anything or anyone cause problems for the troubled boy. Nickís father died and his mom is unfit to care for him. Richard doesnít like Logan, but heís caught between his attraction to Logan and his need to need to keep Nick happy and safe. Although Richard has issues with Loganís military background and attitude, itís those qualities that may ultimately save them when their new family unit is threatened. 

Logan and Richard look a lot older on the cover of Family Unit than they really are. They are sexy, intelligent, mature, middle-aged men who find love when they least expected it. Logan proves the motto: ĎOnce marine always a marine.í He can handle himself in any situation and proves it time and time again. There are two moments where Richard tells Logan that heís a good man. Itís the perfect description for Logan. They both are good men, though. Richard is a little over-protective but understandably so. Heís an amazing father figure.  Richard has a series of unfortunate accidents, Nickís mother poses a threat, and not everyone accepts Logan and Richardís relationship, and yet, the men stand strong. Family Unit is a heart-warming and tender story.


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