Even Demons Get the Blues by Maree Anderson

eRed Sage Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60310-314-5

Reviewed by Lisa



For the past year Rezon, the last of the Drakon and a Beguiler Demon, has been secretly watching a human female through a bespelled mirror.  Rezon knows that he is obsessed with the human but he canít stop watching her and wanting her. 

Every weekend Leisa goes out to a sleazy bar, intentionally gets drunk and picks up a stranger for the night.  When she wakes up Leisa can barely remember where she is, how she got there, and what the guyís name is.  Leisa spends her free time torturing herself by acting like a tramp because of one horrible night. 

Against the advice of his one friend, the Demon King Asmodeus, Rezon seeks out Leisa. It is destiny that has finally brought Rezon and Leisa together Ė now itís up to them to make it matter when all their secrets are laid bare. 

Unique and witty, Even Demons Get the Blues is devious entertainment.  Rezon and Asmodeus are deliciously dark and memorable while it takes some time to warm up to Leisa, mainly because readers donít know why sheís suffering for quite awhile.  Itís the guys who make Even Demons Get the Blues so much fun with their wily banter.  Even Demons Get the Blues is an original, sensual page turner.


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