Enraptured by Scarlet Hyacinth

Kaldor Saga, Book 1

Siren Publishing

Fantasy M/M

ISBN: 1-60601-581-8

Reviewed by Lisa



Prince Gabriel, the bastard son of the Alarian king has spent most of his life confined to Kirgen Monastery.  He has been continually brutalized by the other students and more importantly the man in charge, superintendent Lothar.  The only thing holding Gabriel together is knowing that once heís an adult he can leave the Monastery for good.  But when Gabriel finds out that Lothar intends to mate him and force Gabriel to live there under Lotharís control for the rest of his life, Gabriel takes drastic measures.

The Demon princes of Xeetha, Cade and Lucien, as well as their closest friend Zeli have journeyed to the Alarian capital of Galamar to renew treaties and ties.  When Gabriel literally drops into Lucienís arms the men soon realize that all of their lives are about to change in ways they never imagined possible.

Past deceits, past schemes, and past promises come to light as relationships quietly form between Alarian Prince Kalin and Demon Prince Cade, Alarian Prince Orin and Zeli, and finally bastard Alarian Prince Gabriel and Demon Prince Lucien.  Death and destruction will follow hand in hand unless the couples are able triumph over the evil that hounds them.

Enraptured is compelling, unique, and a totally enchanting tale.  The characters in Enraptured are fascinating; particularly Gabriel and Lucien who manage to get right under your skin.  The passion between all the couples is electric and consuming. There are so many secondary characters however, that some of the emotional plot points are fuzzy or left out which leaves holes in an otherwise clever story.  Still, I canít wait to see what happens next in this very intriguing saga.  Without question, Gabriel will wrap himself around your heart.  Enraptured, the first story in the Kaldor Saga is wonderfully inventive, smoking hot, and above all memorable.


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