Embracing Silence by N.J. Walters

Project Alpha, book 1

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419923326

Reviewed by Jo



Tienan is on the run from the Ruling Council, well sort of anyway.  Why? Because he is Alpha 1, a genetically and computer-enhanced human, scheduled to be destroyed because the council could no longer control him.  Tienan and Alpha 2 escape and hide in the outer city, just waiting until they can find a way to fight back and destroy the Council.  That is his first and only desire.  Lately, Tienan has noticed someone is tracking him and it is time to confront his tracker and find out how it is. 

Silence is one of the best trackers in the Resistance.  She is on the trail of a stranger who seems to be getting pretty close to them.  Silence only wants to gain information about him and get it to the leader of the Resistance.  After all, years of survival in the streets has shown that the more information you have, the better hand you have.  What she never expected was to be bested at her own game. 

Silence had just about decided to go back home one night when Tienan sprung is own trap and captured her.  Even though she was being kidnapped, Silence was not afraid of Tienan.  As a matter of fact, she found herself attracted to him.  Several nights of sleeping together—literally—led to one night of wonderful passion and the beginnings of trust.  However, the next instant leads to misunderstandings, betrayal and to hard feelings on one side.  The next time Tienan and Silence face each other; trust is missing on one part.  Will there brief time together be enough for them to work together when the ultimate betrayal happens and risks everyone in Silence’s world? 

A woman with no past and a man with no future discover what love can do when you have nothing to lose.  Embracing Silence brings two very different types of warriors together.  Silence has known nothing but the hard streets all her life and now works with the Resistance in hopes of bringing down the Council.  Created by the Council as the ultimate fighting machine, Tienan learned just what was important, and it wasn’t the Council.  I was surprised at just how quickly Tienan and Silence came together, but when you are living in a lawless society, you learn to make quick and correct decisions.  The life that Tienan and Silence live is nowhere near perfect, but I believed they had discovered a perfect love together and knew to fight for it.  The ending was actually just the beginning for them.  Embracing Silence brought two lovers together forever while surrounded with the constant threat of death. 

I can’t wait for the next book in the Alpha series. I’m a true believer that everyone should be allowed to live and let live and discover their forever love.


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