Eight Erotic Nights by Catrina Calloway

A Red Garters, Snow and Mistletoe Tale

Resplendence Publishing

Contemporary M/F/M Ménage

Reviewed by Shayna



Laney Taylor knows from experience that life isn’t always kind.  On the way to sell her grandmother’s china to feed the homeless living in their cars, Laney gets into an accident that lands her in the hospital.  Then fate deals Laney a good hand when she discovers that the men who rescued her are Josh Goldman and Zach Brenner, both of whom she had a crush on in high school.  What Laney doesn’t know is that both Zach and Josh have been in love with her for years, and now that they have her back in their lives, they’re not about to let her go.  For the threesome, things are going to heat up this Hanukkah.  But after the last candle burns out, reality intrudes on the three once more.  It’s up to Laney, Zach, and Josh to see if they can make their relationship last more than just eight erotic nights. 

What I wouldn’t give to have Josh and Zach for my Hanukkah present!  Catrina Calloway has delivered two sexy, honorable men that are something to dream about in Eight Erotic Nights.  Each man is giving, loving, and kind – how can you not fall for them?  As for Laney, she’s everything you could ask for in a heroine.  She’s lost so much and yet she still gives all she can and more to others.  I adored her, my heart broke for her, and I loved watching Josh and Zach bring out the light that shines within her.  Together, this triad has a wickedly erotic relationship filled with love, respect, and ultimately joy.  Eight Erotic Nights is everything I could want in a story and I loved every page of it.  Fantastic!


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