Diary of an Incubus by Tracey H. Kitts

New Concepts Publishing

Paranormal, Vampire

ISBN: 978-1-60394-319-2

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Jewel is suffering from a bad case of writerís block when she stumbles onto a solution.  A gift from a close relative proves to be the answer to her prayers. The journals written by a man hundreds of years ago; a lost soul named Vincent that believed he was a vampire. 

When the owner of the diaries shows up, fiction becomes reality.

Vincent is a real vampire.  The vampire council is not pleased about the threat of exposure; Jewelís books are a hit.  A council member, Alucard, takes an interest in the feisty author.  Her life will depend upon deciding to become a vampireís human servant.  Will she choose Vincent or Alucard?

Although you can never have enough of the bloodsucking undead, Iíve come to the realization that Iíve read way too much vampire literature.  Why?  Because I recognize two characters in Diary of an Incubus from other works of recent renown I have enjoyed.  Vincent brings the heat; the pretty-boy-meets-sex-god-goodness, made famous by Jean-Claude of the Anita Blake series, plus a sprinkling of Louis from Anne Riceís world.  Alucard is an undead ringer for the maniacal Alucard of shonen manga, Hellsing.  Minus the guns and Nazis, heís still just as scary, well-dressed and possessed of limitless vampire powers.  Jewel is the author; in fact, this entire novel is a Mary Sue.  That does not mean it was lousy.  Au contraire, it was well-written and delightful. 

Vincent or Alucard?  Personally, I favored Alucard.  Ms. Kitts outdid herself in remaking him her own.  I loved the overhaul, the added character developments.  It was fabulous.  Vincent seemed rather lackluster at times.  Yet, he provided balance for Jewel who was not terribly remarkable outside her abilities as an author and sex kitten.  For me, this novel was a guilty pleasure.  The finale was a dramatic showdown that fit the bill.  Outside of Alucardís appearance and abilities, there werenít a lot of surprises for me.  But I went along for the ride out of sheer fun.  Fun and audacity can take a narrative to new heights. Sometimes thatís all you need.


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