Devilish Fantasy by Marie Treanor

Escape Series

Changeling Press

Paranormal Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-59596-746-6

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Fiona dozes off in the middle of a tepid holiday after wishing for a bit of excitement to liven things up.  She’s woken by a devilishly handsome stranger who knows his way around woman. The fact that he has horns and a tail is enough to convince her to play along until her vacation ends. 

It’s not every day a woman’s entire world is turned around while on holiday, which makes Devilish Fantasy a fun, racy snippet to read on a long train ride after a grueling work day.  Hot sex, cold drinks, and romance come together quite nicely in this sassy romp.  Marie Treanor is gifted at creating gorgeous, supernatural males at the top of their bedroom game that are capable of deep emotions.  The Handsome Devil is able to wear away Fiona’s tough exterior by freeing her from the drudgery of her life. Sometimes we give up on life and, just when we’re at the point of no return, something splendid happens.  I guess this author got it just right.  Devilish Fantasy is a sweet story at heart, with an old fashioned ending that’s never outdated.


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