Desire and Depravity by Iona Blair
Contemporary/Younger man/Older woman/ Cougar
ISBN: 978-1-907010-67-5
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



In the public eye, Muriel McBain was a highly reputable woman.  She was a faithful church deaconate, she single-handily ran her family-owned business and she always presented a cool, control demeanor while out in the community.  Yet, no one knew that deep inside Muriel possessed a very passionate, naughty soul and that she masturbated with her favorite sex toys every night.  To add more fuel to the fire, Muriel had to go and secretly fall in love with a much younger man who just happened to be a male stripper.  Will Muriel loose her public respectable flare, once her secret love live was revealed? 

For a book that wasnít very descriptive with its actual sexual encounters, Iona Blairís Desire and Depravity definitely had lots of naughty play that included anal, BDSM, same-sex partner and multi partner.  While most of the time I would be thrilled with this type erotic mixture, I just found it to be a bit overwhelming in this book.  Donít get me wrong Desire and Depravity overall had a meaningful storyline about betrayal, the power of forgiveness and the living with the consequences from ones actions whether good or bad.  That alone made this an okay read and I look forward to future reads from Ms. Blair.


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