Dakota Springs by Leah Brooke

Dakota Heat, Book 4

Siren Publishing

ISBN: 1-60601-731

Erotic Ménage/Contemporary

Reviewed by Talia Ricci


On Elizabeth Reed’s eighteenth birthday she did the unthinkable.  She took a chance and told the two men she desired how much she loved them.  Their response was anything but nice and so Elizabeth ran straight into the arms of another man.  Now, years later and divorced, Lizzy is tired of being away from home.  She yearns to raise her daughter in the small town in which she was raised.  The only problem? Hayden and Chandler Scott still live there and if the looks Lizzy is getting from the people about town mean anything, then she has been claimed by the two men who broke her heart years ago.

Dakota Springs starts out with a bang.  Lizzy wants to come home. She doesn’t want to see her men, yet her men love and want her now – all of this combines for a great storyline.  My problem is that this very exciting and intriguing storyline is rushed.  No back story is given other than the time the men broke Lizzy’s heart and hurt her feelings.  And speaking of that, these men hurt Lizzy with the lies they told her. They were MEAN to her and frankly, I just wanted Lizzy to tell them to take a hike.

Sort of one dimensional, Dakota Springs could have explored the relationship between these three characters a lot more than it did.  Was the sexual tension hot in Dakota Springs? You betcha.  But for me as a reader, I have to buy in to the story and with Dakota Springs, I didn’t.  Leah Brooke is still an automatic read for me – hopefully she will not be as rushed to finish the plotline of her next release.


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