Cosmic Hero by Diane Merlin

Tease Publishing

Sci Fi

ISBN: 978-1-60767-048-3

Reviewed by Tanya



Sami is just not having luck with men.  Her latest boyfriend has deserted her in the middle of the Pennsylvania woods because she “wasn’t a sure thing” as he had thought.  So, while she is a city girl at heart she immediately figured she had to take care herself for the evening and will spend her time devising a plan to get back at the creep.  What she doesn’t expect to see is a caped hunk, appear out of nowhere.

Croghan is not having a good day.  He is sent to Earth with his team of Interceptors to destroy the scouts of the villainous Fala, who are a species of vampires that destroy humanoid worlds.  He doesn’t count on losing the rest of his team or his craft but, knowing this he knows that he is the last hope that Earth has.  What he also doesn’t count on is running into Sami.  Sami is unlike all the other women he has ever met.  For starters, he seems to have a jealous streak that she brings out and also a protective streak that is different than he has faced as part of his job.

Will Sami be able to accept what Croghan really is and will he be able to complete his mission as well as accept life on Earth?

I continue to enjoy the writings of Ms. Merlin.  Cosmic Hero is an action packed humorous adventure.  I enjoyed how Ms. Merlin blended sci-fi with contemporary situations and wove it all into an interesting tale.  Cosmic Hero presents another view on how Vampires might have come to be on earth, and in this version they are serious villains.  Cosmic Hero is a winner and will make you laugh.


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