Control by Sean Michael

A Hammer Story: The Three of Pentacles

Torquere Press

Contemporary M/M – BDSM

ISBN: 978-1-60370-823-4

Reviewed by Lisa



Jack, Montana and Jim are spending an evening together when they are joined by their partners Oliver, Billy and Marcus.  Things get a bit tense when Marcus questions how many cups of coffee Jim has consumed and Jim realizes he’s broken the rules they agreed on so he must be punished.

Meanwhile, Montana soon leans that his mentor and boss has passed away.  He’s having a really hard time coping with his loss.  Instead of grieving, Montana is shutting off his feelings which concern his partner Billy. In fact, the more Billy tries to help him the worse the situation becomes. 

The couples have all come a long way in their individual D/s relationships, but there is always more to learn and discover together.  As long as they love each other everything will work out, that much they know for sure.

Control has smoking hot sexual encounters with a solid BDSM flavor throughout the entire storyline.  Fans of the Hammer stories are reunited with favorite, flawed characters in a realistic setting within the series.  Multi-talented author Sean Michael has a unique and ingenious way with plotlines and characters – Control doesn’t disappoint in the least.  This is easily understood as a stand alone tale as well.  I loved catching up with old ‘friends’ and revisiting the fascinating world of BDSM.  Control will heat you up faster than a sunny day!


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