Come As You Are by Melinda Barron

Ghost Seekers, Book 3

Resplendence Publishing


Reviewed by Shayna



Itís a lucky trick of fate for Tempest Gandy when she finds a house for such a low price in the French Quarter.  Having quit her job as a television news producer, Tempest puts everything into turning her new home into a B&B.  But Tempestís luck isnít all good.  Sheís having trouble sleeping at night and sheís pretty sure her house is haunted.  Knowing she canít continue on like this, Tempest contacts her friend Quinn who works with the Ghost Seekers.  When she meets with the Ghost Seekers, Tempest discovers that the being haunting her isnít a ghost, itís an incubus.  And incubi have some very unpleasant plans in store for unsuspecting women.  To get rid of the incubus, Tempest is going to need the help of all the Ghost Seekers, including the devastatingly handsome Franco LeBeau, a man who can read her mind, guard her body, and steal her heartÖprovided the incubus doesnít get to her first. 

Iím always excited when a new Ghost Seekers story comes out, and Come As You Are shows exactly why.  Melinda Barron sent shivers down my spine with this tale, for more reasons than one.  Thereís an understated creepiness to the incubus that wants Tempest, which makes his presence all the more sinister than an over-the-top supernatural being ever would.  Ms. Barron never crosses into horror, but thereís an underlying eeriness to the story which makes Come As You Are all the more compelling.  A much better reason to shiver is the deliciousness of the Franco-Tempest romance.  Some couples are just meant to be, and thatís the case for these two.  Their slide into love was a natural progression punctuated by a heady dose of eroticism which captured my interest and, put simply, charmed me.  To my delight, both Franco and Tempest are warm, friendly characters who desire and love one another exactly how they are. 

Though itís the third Ghost Seekers tale, Come As You Are can be read as a stand-alone.  Fans of the series, however, are sure to love, as I did, that the heroes and heroines of the first two books, Nuit Aux Trois and The Resurrection of Josephine, played supporting roles in Come As You Are.  In addition, Ms. Barron introduced a new Ghost Seeker who is fun, intriguing, and made me wish that her story is next.  All in all, Iíd say Come As You Are is a sexy, fascinating, and a genuinely entertaining read.  I adored it and canít wait until the next Ghost Seekers story.


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