Claiming Their Dream Weaver by Cooper McKenzie


Erotic Fantasy, Menage M/F/M

ISBN:  1606016180

Reviewed by Klarissa



Liam and Penn, twins from Scotland, fell in love with little six year old Suz when they were young themselves.  They knew from the moment they laid eyes on her she was meant to be theirs.  At that time Suz was way too young to be claimed officially.  Later when she turned eighteen, Suz wanted Liam and Penn for herself as well.  The twins thought the wait for Suz was over, but they later learned they could not make her theirs until she officially became the Dream Weaver after her great grandmotherís death.  Instead, they made her promise to save herself and all her orgasms just for them.  Suz had no idea how that promise would effect her life, because once the twins went back to Scotland, Suz forgot her promise and married another man.  Unfulfilled and unhappy, they divorced and Suz tried to make a life for herself, leaving her past and her great grandmotherís farm behind.  Now with her great grandmother dying, Suz must go back, become the Dream Weaver and finally accept her fate and the men who will help her seek her destiny.

Claiming the Dream Weaver is an enchanting tale.  I enjoyed the history of the Dream Weaver and what it meant to Suz.  Liam and Penn are sexy twin Scots who just being in the scene heats up the pages.  The imagery of these two will fill up your whole mind.  Suz, Liam, and Penn are characters that compliment each other and you can feel that they all fit together.  Cooper McKenzie penned a story that you will not fail to enjoy.


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