Canít Stand the Heat by Louisa Edwards

Recipe for Love, Book 1

St. Martinís


ISBN:  9780312356491

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Food critic Miranda Wake is known for her Ďtake no prisonersí way of thinking.  A reviewer people are scared of, she writes first and asks questions later.  Given a month to observe Chef Adam Temple and write an expose on him is the type of assignment Miranda has always craved.  There is something about Adam that makes Miranda uneasy and she cannot wait to find all of his deep, dark, secrets and write about them.  However, Mirandaís goose is cooked when Adam finds out her own deep, dark secret Ė she canít cook.  Not. One. Bit. 

When I first started reading Canít Stand the Heat, I couldnít stand Miranda.  I found her ballsy, rude, and overbearing to say the least.  But then she started to grow on me and little by little, I could see past her defense mechanisms to the woman underneath.  I am glad that Adam was able to as well.  With well written characters not afraid to be flawed, Louisa Edwards has penned an enjoyable contemporary romance with Cantí Stand the Heat. 


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