Call Me Sir by Stormy Glenn

Noble Romance

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60592-048-1

Reviewed by Lisa



Disowned by family, beaten by so called friends, Joey MacIntryre moved to the city since nobody wanted him once he announced he was gay.  Joey thought the big city would work for him, but heís beginning to wonder if he fits in anywhere.  Even the patrons at the gay bar Club Refectory donít seem to want him around. 

Club Refectory owner Logan James caught sight of Joey a year ago and fell for him instantly.  Logan decided to give the innocent time to mature before he made his move.  He also warned everyone else to stay away from Joey. 

Because Logan warned others away, Joeyís insecurities have steadily grown.   Itís going to take a lot of love and patience for Joey to now believe anyone wants him.  Logan is just the man for the job and he canít wait to get started. 

Call Me Sir explores the power of miscommunication and the understandable results.  The world of D/s is skimmed over in this story as well, but other than the main characters dominant/submissive personalities, itís not the focus.  The overall plot is fun to read however there are some over the top melodramatic moments that interrupted the flow.  Call Me Sir is an enjoyable romance, although it does have some improbable emotional scenes.


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