Calder by Allyson James

Tales of the Shareem, Book 5

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419923654

Reviewed by Amelia



Genetically created Shareem are made for one thing: providing pleasure to women. Calder is a level three, which means he’s difficult to predict. He likes it rough, and likes to be the dominant.


Unfortunately, Calder was injured in a fire at DNAmo, his body scarred. Over the years he’s closed himself off and is now known as “The Beast,” providing his clients with scorching sex. He has only one rule: He sees a woman only one time, and then it’s over.


Physician Katarina d’Arnal knows that as a highborn woman she’s not supposed to want sex, much less desire a Shareem. But from the minute Calder walks into the clinic for his mandated check-up she finds herself attracted to him, especially the fact that he hides his face and body from everyone.


As a doctor she wants to help him with his scars. As a woman, she wants to take him inside her over and over. Calder knows that breaking his rule with Katarina will end in disaster? Or will it? She’s awakened feelings in him he thought were long forgotten. But when a client threatens them both will their lives end in disaster, or will they overcome defeat?


Calder is a perfect Shareem novel, full of hot, exciting sex and perfect emotions from both characters. I fell in love with the dark, brooding Calder, who fought against feelings he long thought dead inside him. To watch Katarine draw him out and rescue him was a real treat.


If you haven’t read the Shareem novels you’re missing wonderfully erotic novels full of sexy men and fantastic emotions that make you truly care about the characters. It was fun to see old friends and meet new ones. Now I’m counting the days until we get Braden’s story.


If you’re new to the Shareem stories start at the first and work your way through. They are intense and seductive, and leave the readers wanting more. Calder has found a place on my keeper shelf, right next to the other novels.


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