A Busted Afternoon by Pepper Espinoza

Amber Quill Press

Amber Allure

M/M Nostalgic Contemporary


Reviewed by Ley


Knowing that he could be called to service at any time to fight in the Vietnam war, Ed Sorenson wants to experience life before heís faced with war and death.  Deciding to leave his home for California, Ed asks Sammy Neff to join him at the spur of the moment. To his surprise Sammy agrees.

While driving from Wyoming to California their car breaks down in Nevada during a heavy rainstorm. They are stranded on a lonely highway where long kept secrets and fears are pushed to the forefront.

A Busted Afternoon has a very nostalgic feel too it. Pepper Espinoza did a great job in capturing the aura of the time.  Ed and Sammy werenít exactly friends, even though they knew each other their whole lives. Ed was surprised that he found the nerve to ask Sammy to come with him on his adventure. These two young kids, who were unsure of their future and unaware that they both were attracted to the same sex (or at least attracted to each other), were able to pull a lot of feeling from me. Both boys were vulnerable and strong at the same time and the innocence and fear when it came to showing their feelings was very well portrayed. I enjoyed A Busted Afternoon and Iím praying to the book gods for a sequel.


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